Fettje She Sails

Fettje Osinga

“The story continues: She Sails will keep on sailing in the J/70 class, thanks to the huge enthusiasm of our fans and a the superb group of skilled sailors!“

A full hike of over 1,5 hours at the English coast during the summer of 2012 to the top mark in a IRC race makes us question ourselfs why we’re doing this eventhough we will love the downwind run that’s coming up soon. The decision has been made: either one design or match racing it will be. After about 4 seasons of match racing with a top 11 world ranking as top result it’s going to be one-design after all: the J/70.

A steady 2020

We love the Sailing Champions League format and the J/70 boat in particularly, and we have already proven to be top competitors. So far we’ve been (too) dependent on sponsors or boat owners to trust us with their J/70: it got us pretty far, but also brought uncertainty and many last-minute calls. Now, the Royal Netherlands Yacht Club (KNZ&RV) reached out to us to represent them from now on, using their J/70 fleet. The J/70 fits our team perfectly and we can’t wait to put more hours into it to get a more steady result. So be prepared, we will be back at the racing scene!

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Fettje Osinga Founder